• World Wetlands Day 2012 Picture Gallery
  • World Wetlands Day February 2nd, 2011  Green Celebrations

    “Forests for Water and Wetlands”, a simple slogan designed for the World Wetlands Day 2011, to raise awareness amongst the new generation about the significant correlation between forests, wetlands and human beings This day is celebrated every year on February 2nd more

  • International Biodiversity Day

    nternational Biodiversity Day 22nd May, 2012 was celebrated in Quaid-e- Azam University Islamabad. Department of Environmental and Plant sciences of Quaid-e- Azam University, Pakistan Wetlands Programme and Marketing Dept. of WWF-Pakistan jointly organized the event. WWF Panda products more

  • Pakistan’s National Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism Strategy Approved

    As a concrete step towards sustainable development, a two-day workshop was held here to discuss biodiversity issues of Pakistan and to promote greater sharing of knowledge on biodiversity.more

  • Earth Day 2012 Celebrated with Schools Children “Green Earth Green Pakistan”

    The school students learnt the importance of preserving planet earth in a fun-filled activity arranged by WWF - Pakistan Wetlands Programme and Green School Programme. An entertaining yet informative puppet show was held to inform the children that Earth Day more

  • Management Plan

    Wetlands are often significant for their ecological, hydrological, social and economical values. Functioning wetlands can be a critical part of the environment as they support a high level of biological productivity and diversity, provide habitat for flora and fauna including rare and threatened communities and species, maintain local and regional hydrological regimes, remove nutrients and pollutants, act as stores for rain and flood waters and support human activities and values. more

  • Environment Friendly Excursion

    One of the key activities of the event was PLANTATION of trees by participants. And DFO-Divisional Forest Officer Sukkur gave brief lecture on plantation and hand out lecture notes on different trees that were to be planted. This was meant to deliver the knowledge and the importance more

  • World Oceans Day

    PWP, WWF - P strongly believes that environment education starts at a very young age. Keeping this in mind, PWP has been conducting Wetlands awareness campaigns for various schools. The campaigns are targeted towards children of primary schools, as we believe that they can make a difference to our present and future. more

  • World Migratory Birds Day, 2011 Report

    World Migratory Birds Day, 2011, like other sites of the PWP, was celebrated in the Central Indus Wetlands Complex (CIWC) at Kot Addu, District Muzafargarh in collaboration with local partners “Rights and Rights” and “Saiban Welfare Foundation”, local NGOs more

  • Coral Reef Discovery Report

    Coral Reefs are the "Rainforests" of the ocean. Reefs are ecologically important ecosystems and have a high biodiversity that serves as a storage bank of rich genetic resources. They are a source of food and medicine, and they protect the coast from wave erosion. Scientists have found an abundance of compounds to help more


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