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Records Zoological Survey of Pakistan


Records: Zoological Survey of Pakistan

Shimshal Pamir Lakes: a prospective high altitude wetlands site for transboundary collaboration between China and Pakistan

Actinomycetes screening for bioactive potential isolated from the moist forest soils of Pakistan

Spatio-temporal microbial water quality assessment of selected natural streams of Islamabad, Pakistan

Exploring illegal trade in freshwater turtles of Pakistan

Estimating Hog deer Axis porcinus population in the riverine forest of Taunsa Barrage Wildlife Sanctuary, Punjab, Pakistan

Impact of floods 2010 in coastal area of Pakistan a case study of Kharo Chann, Thatta District

Spatial mapping and development of a WebGIS application of wetlands of Pakistan

Coliforms and Halophiles pollution in surface and sub-surface water of Salt Range Wetlands, Punjab, Pakistan

Isolation of Streptomyces from the sediments of selected thermal springs of Northern Pakistan and its intrinsic susceptibility and resistance

Reducing Cotton Footprints through widespread Implementation of Better Management Practices (BMPs) in Pakistan

Economic valuation of wetlands: acknowledging values and services

Stream macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Bagrot Valley of Central Karakoram National Park, Pakistan

Some Observations on Threatened and Near Threatened avifauna of Pakistan

Hydrological assessment of significant lakes in Broghil and Qurumbar Valleys, Northern Alpine Wetlands Complex

Conservation of Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) in the Indus River system, Pakistan: an overview

Effect of River Indus flow on low riparian ecosystems of Sindh: a review paper

Distribution and status of significant freshwater fishes of Pakistan

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