The European Parliament is concerned with the christians in the middle east situation. Due to the horrible bombings and attacks directed to Christian churches in which about 50 people were killed, Europe will discuss the situation and how to put a stop to the Islamic State (ISIS) and its terrorists’ attacks.

The thing with this debate is that, for the more conservative parties, it is a priority which should be considered immediately. While, on the other hand, left wing parties have a different opinion in which these subjects should be considered but should be handled in a different and more peaceful way. This means that while the right wing is interested in reinforcing security and applying the force to solve the situation, the left-hand does not agree and think that the best way to do something about it is by developing conditions to negotiate with ISIS.  

No matter the decision they will be taking, it is a reality that the situation is going out of hand and a lot of people have died due to these sudden bombings in Europe. Europeans live in a constant state of alert due to the terrible attacks which have happened up to this date.